Some delicious Michigan-made craft beer, served in a downtown Detroit bar with a great hang out vibe….


I love craft beer.  I try to be very “60’s” with my love and share it with anyone who knows me for more than a day.  The U.S. beer market has expanded so much and has such variety available to the consumer.  I used to buy my beer only by the case, and only in cans.  Then somehow I stumbled across something different.  A lot of it I didn’t like, but it awakened the explorer in me, and I was off.  I was on a quest to explore all the different beers out there and see what they were about.

Being a craft beer explorer is getting easier.  You used to have to search out that store that carried the eclectic collection of different beers.  Now every party store seems to have a corner dedicated to an assortment of craft beers.  And the sentiment of supporting your local economy definitely helps, as you can find good Michigan brewed beer pretty easily these days.

With this site, I aim to share my beer adventures– both in tasting and in travelling.  Not in an attempt to be a beer snob and tell you how great my beer tastes are, but to try to inspire and motivate the craft beer explorer in you as well.  Not everyone shares the same tastes, so you might have different opinions on the beers I review.  But the point is to get out there and explore for yourself!

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